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Privacy Policy

At present, The Augustan Society, Inc., has no formal privalcy policy. One may hope that the Board of Directors will soon adopt one.

That said, the Society has a long tradition of confidentiality, consistent with the principles of chivalry which we espouse. As such, the bias is always against release of data absent a compelling and just reason.

It is the practice of Headquarters Staff to never reveal any member data other than to confirm their membership. Messages received for members will be directed to them after staff review to eliminate spam, unwarranted advertising, and harassment.

It has been proposed that no piece of paper, floppy disk, CD, or DVD with member's names or contact information leave the Headquarters or file annex except that it be shredded. This proposal has proven difficult to implement due to staff resistance.

It is the policy of the Webmaster that no hard drive will leave the Headquarters or file annex except that the data thereon be scrubbed using the latest version of dBan. Should the hard drive fail in such a way that this is not possible, physical destruction of the platters is required.