The Augustan Society Wiki: A Handbook for Society Operations

The purpose of this Wiki is to act as a Handbook for The Augustan Society, Inc., providing a complete description of Society operations, procedures, policies, forms, and traditions. After more than three years of development, it was declared complete on 31 December 2017, with only a few minor items missing. Corrections and additions are solicited, and editing rights will be granted to any member willing to contribute.

Elected Officers, Directors, Committee Chairmen, Coordinators, Moderators, and Deans of the Society are urged to take responsibility for the pages that describe their duties. To do so, register on the Wiki. The Webmaster will approve your access and assist you in getting up to speed.

The Society is organized (somewhat informally) into ten Departments:

  1. Administration
  2. Chivalry
  3. Genealogy
  4. Heraldry
  5. History
  6. Royalty & Nobility
  7. Study Groups
  8. Communications
  9. Library
  10. Museum (discontinued)
  11. Sub-Groups

Those charged with building and maintaining this Wiki are likely to tire of the tedium of this task, and to ask if the effort is of any value. This writer has two things to say which I urge you to remember at such times:

First, that our Founder left the Society with essentially no instructions on how it operated. He kept most procedures and policies in his head (and changed them as he saw fit). Thus the second management team had to invent all from scratch, a job much more difficult that it needed to be. Please have pity on your successors. If you cannot muster that, then have pity on the Society itself, which only just survived the first interregnum (so far) and may not endure another.

Second, I would offer a quotation from John F. Woods, a computer programmer from the late 20th century, who advised, "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." This is the same message stated a bit more (perhaps too) strongly — that you should leave such careful instructions, and explanations for those instructions, that those who follow will never have reason to curse your memory.

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