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The Augustan Society, Inc., had as part of its mission the construction and maintenance of a Museum. In 2015 it was decided to drop the word "museum" from the Mission Statement. At this time, the museum project has been changed to dividing the collection into several categories:
  • Items of no worth to be discarded.
  • Items of some worth, but no relevance, which will be sold, donated, or discarded.
  • Items that were the personal property of the Founder, which will be delivered to his heir (or possibly sold at her direction).
  • The philatelic and decorations collections, which warrant careful review before sale or retention is decided upon.
  • The photograph collection, which is badly in need of identification.
  • Items that speak to the history of the Society or individual members, which will be retained.
  • Items that will be useful to furnish or decorate a Headquarters, which will be retained.
  • Items that will be useful to furnish or decorate the Chapel of the Rose, whose disposition will be at the discretion of the Superintendent of the Chapel.

This project will be conducted by Headquarters Staff, with the assistance of such volunteers as my present themselves.

On any given item (and all of the Chapel items), Headquarters Staff may send photos and descriptions to others for their opinions, which they are not obliged to honor, with the exception of retention decisions made by the Superintendent of the Chapel, which will be retained at the expense of the Noble Company of the Rose.

It is expected that the remaining contents of the present Equipment Room will be relocated into a smaller space, with Rose items moved to their own storage unit.

Once this work is complete, this section of the Staff Wiki should be deleted.