Non-Member Consultants

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The work of some Committees of The Augustan Society, Inc., being complex and needing substantial technical expertise, it has not always proven possible to adequately staff such Committees from the membership. As a result, Committee Chairmen have been authorized to name non-member consultants to their Committees to provide such expertise.

Before any such may be appointed, an invitation to member volunteers must first be published in Augustæum with 30 days provided for volunteers to respond.

Augustan members must constitute the majority of all Committee at all times. Should that happen through attrition or otherwise, said Committee will be barred from making recommendations on Board recognition, registration, or approval or certification of lineages until that balance is corrected. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairman of the Committee to appoint new members or to dismiss non-member consultants.

Unlike Augustans, non-member consultants' tenure expires when the Chairman leaves office. While it is expected that many will be asked to continue, this will require a written invitation and written acceptance just as would a new appointment. As with all appointments, none are official until written evidence of appointment and acceptance are received at Headquarters.

Advertisements of such positions must be published annually in Augustæum in order that the non-member consultants may retain office. Sending such notices to the Augustæum Editor shall be the responsibility of the Chairman.