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The Augustan Society, Inc., has established a number of sub-groups. These are wholly-owned subsidiaries, and fall under the corporate umbrella. As a result, all are subject to the control and direction of the Board of Directors.

Senior Sub-Groups

These are semi-autonomous sub-groups of the Society, each with their own requirements for membership, entry fees, annual dues, insignia, governing council appointed by the Chief of the Order or Magister Rosae (with Board confirmation), annual budgets, and the Receivers General of each are de jure members of the Finance Committee.

There was a Sub-Group Governance Committee formed to create job descriptions for both of these groups, and to try to create parallel structures within them, but it was terminated with the task only just begun. It could be reactivated on the direction of the President or Board.

Lineage Groups

Discontinued or Renamed Groups

Unaffiliated Organizations

There are other organizations that have been associated (rightly or not) with the Society, largely due to having shared the services of our Founder: