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In order that the Board of Directors may know what's going on in the various committees and sub-groups of The Augustan Society, Inc., and to manage them prudently, all appointed officers, committee chairmen, deans, coordinators, and some others are asked to submit an Annual Report to the Board. Such reports may be required at other times at the request of the President or Board. Note that individuals holding more than one office need to submit a separate report for each group.

These Annual Reports should be submitted to the Board through the Assistant Secretary during the month of July each year. They may be sent in writing or by email. The latter is preferred, as it avoids the need to scan/OCR/edit the reports before they can be assembled into a package for the Board.

Each report should include at least the following items:

  1. Name of the group being reported on;
  2. Name of the Chairman, Dean, Coordinator, or other officer reporting;
  3. Name of the Vice-Chairman, if any; and the length of time that office has stood vacant, if not;
  4. A list of the current members of the group, with any non-member consultants identified as such;
  5. A summary of the achievements of the group in the past year, with particular attention to methods of measurement (numerical measurements are desirable), and comparison to such prior year data as may be available;
  6. A summary of work in progress (projects begun, but not yet finished), with a projection of the completion dates for each;
  7. A summary of work to be done on which work has not yet started, with a projection of the start and completion dates for each;
  8. A list of things needed to accomplish the above tasks, including budget allocations, policy changes, personnel, and others;
  9. Recommended policy changes or other actions to be taken by the Board; and
  10. Such other comments and questions as may seem appropriate.

Clearly, some of these items will not be appropriate for all groups, and may thus be omitted.

Reports do not need to be long, and it's only the busiest groups that can justify a report longer than a single page (about 1000 words). That said, groups with such a large amount of activity should not fear submitting a longer report.

Chairmen are encouraged to contact the Assistant Secretary to ensure that they have a complete list of the tasks assigned to them.

Incomplete reports are likely to result in a call for an immediate update by the President.

Failure to submit an Annual Report will be taken as the resignation of the responsible officer. Reappointment is possible, but only after a report has been submitted.

Vice-Chairmen should therefore be copied on these reports, and the wise Vice-Chairman will prepare a contingency report to be submitted in the event the Chairman fails to do so.