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The Augustan Society, Inc., is governed by a Board of seven Directors, who have collectively (but not individually) been granted authority over the management of the Society.

Directors are elected for staggered three-year terms in annual Elections. The candidates receiving the largest number of votes are elected to three-year terms. If there is a vacancy with two years remaining, that is granted to the candidate with the next largest number of votes. If there is a vacancy with one year remaining, that is granted to the next highest ranking candidate.

The primary duty of a Director is to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, preforming his due diligence in that role. This may include accepting appointment to committees of the Board and standing for election as an Officer.

The five Senior Officers of the Society must be elected from the Board, so all such Officers are also Directors.

Directors have no authority outside their service on the Board. They are granted priority access to Headquarters Staff and to confidential data, barring abuse.