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Much of the routine work of The Augustan Society, Inc., is conducted at the Headquarters, and the workers there are collectively referred to in the Staff Wiki as Headquarters Staff.

At present, Headquarters Staff consists exclusively of Bruce and Marta Metcalf, naturally enough since it is located inside their home. It is greatly hoped that once a public Headquarters is obtained and occupied, local volunteers will be found to add to their efforts, and eventually to replace them.

Until the Headquarters is relocated outside their home, one would expect the Metcalfs to continue in their roles as:

Each member of any Headquarters Staff will of course have their own specialties, expertise, and weaknesses. It is also necessary to distribute the workload so that too much is not placed on any one person. Consequently, many specific tasks may be assigned to individual workers or groups of workers.

Because the Society needs to speak with one voice, and to minimize confusion, this should be hidden from members and the general public to the extent possible. Just as the Society will have only one mailing address, Headquarters should have only one email address, with internal functions that distribute mail and email to the proper recipient for any given day and topic.

That said, once a staff member engages a member or non-member in a particular issue, they should remain the primary contact for that person on that topic. There may be cases where an issue involves several members of the staff, and care must be taken that all speak alike, and this is best done by having one of the group take primary responsibility for communications. While this can cause inefficiencies, they are preferable to sending out mixed messages.

It may prove prudent to place one individual in charge, perhaps with a title like "Office Manager". Of course, if an Executive Director is named, they would be that individual.

Obviously, these are plans that will fall with first contact with an expanded staff, so perhaps the above should be taken in the context of what might be hoped for, rather than what should be expected.