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The members newsletter of The Augustan Society, Inc., is titled Augustæum. The web page for it is here.

Augustæum is managed by the Augustæum Editor, who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Editor-in-Chief. The Augustæum Editor may appoint such assistants as he sees fit.

Augustæum is the proper place for official announcements, news of the Society and it's Committees, Study Groups, and Members, and for other items of interest that are ephemeral or inherently non-scholarly. The Editor will give proper deference to items submitted by officers, chairmen, and deans when written about their duties in office. This does not require the Editor to publish submissions unedited. Filler material may be employed to fill out signatures otherwise unused.

Augustæum is not the proper place to publish scholarly works that would otherwise qualify for The Augustan Omnibus.

The frequency of publication is irregular, with an issue being generated in each calendar month in which there is enough material to fill four pages, but not less often than quarterly. Because the ballots for the annual Elections go out in late June and the renewal notices go out in late September, an issue will be published in those two months regardless of size.


Contents each issue should include:

  • Honors and Announcements
  • Reports from Committees and Study Groups
  • Help Wanted notices
  • Fundraising appeal from the Fundraising Committee
  • Convention data
  • News items of interest
  • Library "Top Ten" column
  • Library "New Items" column
  • and such other material as may fit


In general, the Chicago Manual of Style should guide appearance, with the additional rules created for The Augustan Omnibus included so that Society publications should display a single style.


  • Page: 8½×11", ½" margins, running header after first page
  • Page count: multiple of 2, with 2 pages minimum
  • Printed: 8½×11", or 11×17" 24# goldenrod (not gold), folded to 8½×11"
  • Binding: folded, saddle stitch when 8 pages or more.
  • Folding: Z-fold if mailed in #10 envelopes, flat if mailed in 9x12" (as when mailed with The Augustan Omnibus)
  • Font: DejaVu Sans 12pt, bold and italic as needed, DejaVu Sans Condensed for email and web addresses

Much more detail of the format exists, and will be added after the same is done for The Augustan Omnibus, as much will be the same.