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The members' newsletter of The Augustan Society, Inc., is called Augustæum, and it requires an editor.

The Augustæum Editor is named by and serves at the pleasure of the Editor-in-Chief. The former may name such assistants as he deems fit.

The duties of the Augustæum Editor include:

  • Producing the publication from material submitted by any member or officer, subject to the constraints that it not be suitable for The Augustan Omnibus or harmful to the Society's reputation.
  • Determining when to publish. It should be produced in each month when there is enough copy to fill four pages, but never more than three months apart.
  • Every effort should be made to publish in late June and September each year to coincide with the mailing of the Ballots and Renewal Notices, respectively. Mailings should not be made between US Thanksgiving and New Years.
  • Setting deadlines for copy. At present, it is the last day of each calendar month. Note that this generally precludes mailings during the first week of each month. As a result, it may occasionally be necessary to advance the deadline, and it is his responsibility to notify all officers, chairmen, deans, and coordinators when this happens.
  • Editing the copy according to the Style Guide — This is primarily the current edition of The Chicago Manual of Style plus those details adopted by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Arranging for proofreading — when time permits and volunteers are available.
  • Working with the Production Editor to have the newsletter printed in a timely fashion — He must adhere to such standards as the Production Editor may find necessary.
  • Producing a large print edition when any member has requested such. Work on such may be delayed until the regular edition is handed off to the Production Editor, so as to avoid delays.
  • Working with Headquarters Staff to have mailing labels printed and the magazine mailed — Preferably it will be mailed with such other magazines, notices, ballots, and other items as may need to be sent at about the same time.
  • Providing at least five paper copies and an electronic copy to Headqarters — Back Issue Sales are few, but copies are required for Society records and to send the most recent issue to new members.