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The Communications Department of The Augustan Society, Inc., includes all forms of communication, including publications, letters, email, web sites, and electronic fora. The policies established by this department apply to all others.

The chairman of the Communications Department is styled Editor-in-Chief who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the President.

The department is under the nominal direction of the Communications Committee, chaired by the Editor-in-Chief, and including the chairmen of each of the immediate subsidiary committees, such members as the Editor-in-Chief may see fit to appoint, and the President and Headquarters Staff ex officio.

Chairmen for each of the activities listed below are named by the Editor-in-Chief. Their titles may be Chairman, Editor, Webmaster, or something else specific and appropriate. In the vacancy of any, the tasks revert up.

Primary activities of the Department are scheduled using the Communications Calendar. These may be subdivided into several categories:

Current Periodicals

Back Issue Sales

  • Back Issue Sales, which includes scanning, digitizing, and reformatting. This project is assigned to Headquarters Staff, save for the need for volunteers to verify the OCR output.


Reprints are offered of collected articles on a single topic. In rare cases, a reprint will be made of one article if it is of particular value. Single-article reprints in the catalog will be discontinued as stock is sold out. As the underlying magazines are digitized, Reprints will be digitized and printed on demand once physical stock is sold out.


The Society has a program of book publication. A number of titles have been published, both in hardcover and softbound. This program is under the direction of the Books Editor who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Editor-in-Chief. He may, in turn, appoint Editors for each book or series contemplated.

The contents of the books may be assigned to the Communications Department, to another Society Committee, or to an author (with a separate Editor), as may best suit each situation.

Book Standards

Printing standards:

  • Size A — printed on 11×17" stock folded, trimmed as needed.
  • Size A/2 — printed on 8½×11" stock folded, trimmed as needed.


  • Hardcover — goldenrod cloth ¾ binding, with black cloth spine and gold imprint. Note: This is the opposite of the rebinding standard.
  • Softcover — Cover art may be at the discretion of the editor, but the spine shall be black with goldenrod text. The American standard will be used for vertical text orientation. Maximum page count is 100 pages (25 sheets stapled).
  • Maximum page count per volume — not yet determined for hardcover, but expected to be in the range 300pp for size A, 200pp for size A/2, 100pp for paperback.


The following titles are presently in work:

Descents from Antiquity Resource Kit

Editor: Descents from Antiquity Coordinator. At present there are no unresolved descents to publish, thus the Descents from Antiquity Study Group is presently dormant.

Other Titles

None has an Editor assigned at present, save that the Guide to Orders of Chivalry has become a project of the Chivalry Committee.

Rolls of Arms

The Augustan Society Roll of Arms is is a continuing series of publications. To date, three volumes have been published in a black & white format (though Volume III did include some color plates). Future publications proposed, all in full color, and otherwise compliant with the Book Standards listed above, are:

  1. Rose Role of Arms, Editor is the Rolls Editor under the Communications Department
  2. Augustan Society Roll of Arms Vol. IV, Rolls Editor under the Communications Department
  3. Augustan Society Roll of Arms Vol. I, Production Editor under the Communications Department
  4. Augustan Society Roll of Arms Vol. II, Production Editor under the Communications Department
  5. Augustan Society Roll of Arms Vol. III, Production Editor under the Communications Department
  6. Augustan Society Roll of Arms Vol. V, Rolls Editor under the Communications Department (pending sufficient registrations)

The Rose Roll is proposed to be first as it will serve as a test bed. It will also be softcover in size A/2, while the others will be hardcover. The Rose Herald is the contact point for the Rose Roll of Arms, and he may be named Editor of that volume should the Rolls Editor so decide.

It is expected that the Rolls Editor will work with the Justiciar General or his designated committee member and the Production Editor to effect accurate and timely publication.

Web Services


This section covers the Society email forwarding system, the ENS Blast email system, email naming conventions, and email etiquette.

Social Media

As public discourse is increasingly taking place online, and particularly in various social media venues, it is appropriate that we have an officer who focuses on this topic. The Social Media Chairman is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Editor-in-Chief.

His duties are to determine which venues deserve a Society presence, and to solicit Moderators for each. At present, these include:

These YahooGroups are of questionable utility and dubious reliability. It may prove prudent to move these discussion to either the Forum or to new services installed on our virtual server.


  • The Department is led by a chairman styled Editor-in-Chief.
  • Editors are named for each title (periodical and book).
  • A Production Editor is responsible for all print publications.
  • All web services are led by the Webmaster, including websites and email.
  • Each individual website may have its own Assistant Webmaster.
  • Email has a Postmaster.

The Editor-in-Chief serves in these lesser roles when such offices are vacant, they are not permitted to go dormant.