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The member of the Communications Department responsible for all online activities of The Augustan Society, Inc., is styled the Webmaster. He is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Editor-in-Chief.

He will provide oversight of all online activities, name Assistant Webmasters for each of the Society's four web sites, and name a Postmaster for the Society's email system.

He may convene a Web Committee consisting of:

In all cases, the Webmaster will be authorized to access all sites and servers. Deliberately disabling his access will be considered theft and dealt with accordingly.

Absent Board Policies, the Webmaster has wide discretion in how to technically manage the systems. While presently all but the ENS site are on a single server at RimuHosting, this may not always be the best and most economical approach. The Webmaster may also select the operating system for Society servers, provided that he personally fund any that require payment. (This reflecting a strong bias toward open source software.)

The Assistant Webmasters and Postmaster need not have extensive technical expertise, though that's obviously preferable. They must have enough to maintain their services, and be willing to call on the Webmaster for support when needed. They are expected to be available by email within 48 hours, or notify the Webmaster or another Assistant Webmaster to cover for them.

It is anticipated that once a Headquarters is occupied, the Webmaster or some new officer he names will be placed in charge of the hardware and software located at Headquarters.