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In order to sell back issues, new and used books, subscriptions, insignia, and memberships, The Augustan Society, Inc., has set up an Online Store at <>.

This store is presently located on a virtual server at the RimuHosting site in Dallas, Texas. Plans are to move this to the store function of our new web site in 2022, hosted by CitySoft.

The software that drives the current store function was custom written for the Society by an individual contractor who is no longer commonly available for support. As a result, there are a number of features that are sub-optimal.

Administration of the data contents is managed through the administrative access port at <>. Note carefully the capitalization of the part after the last slash, as it must be correct. This will change with the move to the new web site.

The Login ID and Password are not given here due to security concerns; they are available to any Director or other appropriate officer on request from Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster for the Store, who are presently the only ones with access.


Augustan Society Publications

Augustan Society Reprints

Over 500 titles of reprints of articles from Augustan Society Publications (and a few others), organized by topic.

While there are a few Reprints with only one article, plans are to withdraw these from publication as the physical stock is exhausted.

New Reprints will be organized as requests seem to justify.

Publications of Affiliated Organizations

Augustan Society Books

  • Little Manual of Heraldry by Carl-Alexander von Volborth. Torrance: The Augustan Society, Inc., 1995, third edition.
  • Color Book Volumes I and II
  • A Bibliographic Guide: The Order of St. Lazarus and the Order of Sts. Maurice & Lazarus
  • A Bibliographic Guide: The Order of the Temple
  • Guide to Orders of Chivalry (withdrawn for revision)