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As with most organizations of its size, The Augustan Society, Inc., normally controls it's finances using an adopted annual Budget approved by the Board. The various Sub-Groups normally establish their own Budgets, with confirmation from the Board

It has been quite some time since the Society last adopted a Budget, and several changes of staff size have largely eliminated any organizational memory of how they were created or structured. One hopes that a new Treasurer will develop and post here a procedure and structure along with the next Budget developed.

In developing a Budget, the Treasurer is expected to work with:

These may be gathered into the Finance Committee, with the President and Headquarters Staff added as ex officio members, or the Treasurer may consult them individually, at his pleasure.

The schedule for the Budget is for the Treasurer to present a Budget proposal for the following year not later than the Board meeting following the Annual Meeting, as his last act in office for the year. This provides ample time for an incoming Treasurer to consider and possibly amend the proposal before Board approval before the calendar year-end.