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The Augustan Society, Inc., describes itself as an "association of scholars" in the Augustan subjects. To encourage and promote interdisciplinary studies without having to assign each project to a primary department, all projects are organized as Study Groups under the direction of a Dean of Studies. He is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the President. The Dean in turn names the Coordinators for each of the Study Groups, who serve at his pleasure.

Duties of the Dean of Studies include:

  • Appointing Coordinators for each Study Group;
  • Soliciting Coordinators for inactive Study Groups;
  • Creating new Study Groups or combining existing ones, both in response to member requests and protectively;
  • Assisting Coordinators in soliciting members for their Study Group;
  • Requiring Coordinators to submit an Annual Report, due at Headquarters by 31 July each year, and at such other times as the Board or Dean of Studies may request it;
  • Making an Annual Report to the Board, due at Headquarters by 31 July each year, and at such other times as the Board may request it;
  • Encouraging and assisting Study Groups to prepare articles for submission to The Augustan Omnibus on their topic;
  • Assisting Study Groups in requesting or recommending books and other materials for the Library on their topic; and
  • Conducting such surveys of the membership, including the creation of surveys to be included with membership and other petitions.

Headquarters Staff will support the Dean of Studies by compiling and making available the results of member surveys, including those collected with petitions to membership.