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The Augustan Society, Inc., being an association of scholars, organizes research projects as Study Groups, each led by a Coordinator who is named by and serves at the pleasure of the Dean of Studies.

Coordinators must welcome all Augustans as participants of their Study Group on request, absent a history of disruption. Participants are not considered official until their names are submitted to Headquarters. Non-participating participants may be dropped by the Coordinator after a year without contact.

The duties of a Coordinator include:

  • Coordinating the efforts of the participants toward achievement of the Study Group's goals;
  • Welcoming Augustan members into the group without limit;
  • Drafting a charter for the Study Group that defines the scope and aims of the study;
  • Providing suitable copy to the Assistant Webmaster for ENS for the Study Group's web page;
  • Providing suitable copy to the Assistant Webmaster for the Wiki for the Staff Wiki;
  • Publicizing the existence, purpose, and activities of the Study Group to the membership (generally through short notices in Augustæum;
  • Soliciting articles on the Study Group's topic for submission to The Augustan Omnibus;
  • Arranging for an article or articles with the results of the Study Group to be submitted to The Augustan Omnibus;
  • Working with the Heraldry Department to develop a logo or arms for the Study Group;
  • Working with the Librarian to make recommendations of books and other materials for the Library on the subject;
  • Naming a Vice-Coordinator is optional once the number of members reaches five, mandatory once the number reaches ten;
  • Submitting an Annual Report on the Study Group to Headquarters during the month of July each year (or to the Dean of Studies on his schedule if he elects to consolidate the reports).
  • Submitting any budget requests to the Finance Committee according to their schedule; and
  • Such additional duties as may be assigned by either the Dean of Studies or the members of the Study Group.