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The Society of Descendants of Scotland (SDS) is a dependency of The Augustan Society, Inc. Headquarters Staff are assigned to manage the affairs of this lineage group, and an individual assigned to the SDS is called the SDS Clerk. This task is generally assigned to Headquarters Staff, but primary responsibility may be given to one individual. This office was formerly titled "SDS Administrator".

The duties of the SDS Clerk include:

  • Preparing suitable petitions for membership;
  • Distributing petitions for membership on paper, via PDF files by email, and on the Online Store;
  • Receiving and processing such petitions, including confirmation with the Assistant Treasurer that proper payment has been made;
  • Forwarding submitted lineage information to the Genealogy Committee for review and approval;
  • Corresponding with petitioners about their petition and lineage (though the latter may involve direct contact with the Genealogy Committee if both deem that preferable);
  • Upon lineage approval, inducting petitioners into membership, including creating and mailing a certificate of membership and a letter from the Dean of the SDS if available, or from the President;
  • Notifying the Custodian of Insignia to send appropriate insignia;
  • Supporting the Dean of the SDS, when such office is filled;
  • Advising the President on suitable candidates for the office of SDS Dean; and
  • Other administrative, clerical, and ceremonial duties as may be required.